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IndustryConnect is a bundled package of accelerators and configuration services that provide Government organizations with the ability to manage and track communications and events, easily track who they met at events and process requests for information.  It provides a clear view of Industry interactions through a dashboard view of events, meetings, profiles, and key statistics around awards, post award, plus Industry engagement by geography, size, and socio-economic categories, etc. 

IndustryConnect can integrate with back office legacy systems to track key contract milestones and deliverables or other key information managed in third party systems.


SmartShift helps organizations smartly manage their shift staffing events and oversee shift hand-offs, providing insight into, and collaboration around, key pass-on items which need to be communicated across shifts. We help customers move from paper-based or office productivity tool-based shift management processes to a more structured collaboration platform, improving worker engagement and Agency transparency.

Our SmartShift bundled accelerators and configuration services provide a quick start to track shift staffing, upload images of incidents to be passed on to following shifts, an integrated shift calendar, and real-time chat collaboration among shift managers.

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